CancerMHL is a manually-curated database that provides computationally supported key DNA methylation, histone modifications and LncRNAs in cancer. CancerMHL aimed at simplifying the access to these key epigenetic modifications, and promoting the study of disease biomarkers. Specifically,CancerMHL comprises 483 key epigenetic modifications from 9 types of cancer, including 206 DNA methylation sites, 144 histone modification regions, and 133 lncRNAs. Furthermore, CancerMHL offered the distribution patterns of DNA methylation and histone modification in different regions (by mining epigenetic modification data related to cancer). It also provided two online risk assessment tools and an early diagnosis tool for the convenience of medical researchers.

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key DNA methylation sites, histone modifications, and lncRNAs in cancer

Conclusions related to DNA methylation or histone modifications in cancer


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